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Ellora Thoroughbred Stud

Ellora Stud is a quality, small thoroughbred stud established in 2016 by Matthew and Claire Brown. We are unique as joint owners as we bring together the combined qualities of a dedicated stud manager and experienced stud veterinarian.  We concentrate on providing the best possible service to our clientele by understanding more about our clients and delivering exactly what they want.

With the owners’ expertise Ellora Thoroughbred Stud prides itself on achieving excellent pregnancy rates.  We are conveniently close to a number of large renowned stallion stud farms.

We believe that regular communication with our clients is important and will send through frequent photos and email updates for your mares and foals.  We are always available on the end of the phone.


Matt has over 20 years of experience working in the thoroughbred breeding industry, on leading farms in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and France.   He has worked in all aspects of the breeding farm but his particular passion is for mares and foals, especially pedigree analysis for rebreeding.  He prides himself in providing excellent customer service.

In 2016, Matt and Claire saw an opportunity to develop a quality small farm of their own in Avenel, Victoria and jumped at the chance, establishing Ellora Stud.


Claire is an equine veterinarian, with 18 years of experience.  Her special interest is thoroughbred reproductive work and stud medicine.  She qualified at The Royal Veterinary College in London in 2000 and after working for the Irish National Stud moved to Scone in NSW.  Over the next 8 years, she established herself as the senior ambulatory veterinarian at Satur Veterinary Clinic.  This was a first opinion and referral clinic with a massive thoroughbred caseload and she relished the opportunity to work on high value stack with some of the best vets in Australia. Claire is currently a partner at Seymour Equine Clinic. 

The Farm

 We are located in Avenel in the heart of the Victorian Thoroughbred Breeding Industry and have set up our farm to cater for foaling down and breeding mares. The farm has good quality pastures and plentiful water.  We are careful to limit the number of mares on the farm to control disease problems associated with overstocking and over grazing the pastures.  There are a number of smaller paddocks so that the mares can be managed in small groups. With Claire on site, mares can be vetted very early or late on in the day, to achieve the most optimal time for service. 

Purpose built foaling yards

Our foaling yards are purpose built with diamond mesh fencing to ensure the safety of your mare and newborn foal.   We live 50 meters from the foaling yards and supervise every foaling.   Stables adjoin the foaling yards to provide additional shelter or exercise restriction as required.   There are a number of smaller grass runs, which are ideal for gradually increasing exercise for young foals.


The stud has its own horse transport truck.  We can offer a safe, personalised walk out service for the farm mares and foals to local stallions farms.  We are in very close proximity to all of Victoria's leading stallion farms including Godolphin, Swettenham, Aquis and Yulong.


The foals are assessed from an early age for conformational defects.   Trimming is performed regularly as required to achieve the best possible results.  Matt has an experienced eye for identifying problems and early intervention can be the key to correcting many limb deviations.   Regular exams and trimming can often avoid any veterinary surgical intervention and achieve the best results at sale time.  We also have a good relationship with an excellent master farrier if required.

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Lot 478Highest price Nostradamus weanling at the Great Southern Sale 2018

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